This Bullet

Is 9"8. X. 21. X 3 3/4. w/. 11 in. Nose and a 11. In. Tail. 5 fin

This Cobra

This Cobra is a little different compared to the regular cobra this one has numerous different tail designs and deeper double barrel concave.

Squash Tail

This 10-footer is 24 in wide and 3 and 1/2 in thick it has a 18 and a half in nose a 15 inch tail with a 7-inch squash tail

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Del Canon

Del Canon is a Single Fin made by Mike diffenderfer. Retails $. 1500. Sale price. $750.


This board has helped so many people downsize from their longboard with a 18in nose double winged swallow 4 fin The board paddles like a longboard but Surfs like a shortboard.

The howitzer

This shape comes with epoxy. Or polyester apoxie is preferred the way this board rides will take your surfing up two notches it comes in the sizes of. 5"8 thru 6"8. @. 5'10 x 20 1/2 x 2 5/8

Welcome and Aloha

Wave Weapons is one of the rarest of all surf shops due to Lou Dog’s one on one with the surfers.

To locate a surf shop these days where a customer can speak to the actual shaper and expert in surfboard manufaction is very rare to say the least! From handshaped custom paddleboards (SUP) to 3 foot fiberglass boogie or bodyboards.

Lou Dog’s consistancy with 15 different longboard designs, 12 models of funshapes or speedeggs to retro fish and high performance shortboards and tow-in boards. Lou Dog does it all! With over 35,000 custom shapes under his belt, that puts him in a league of his own. Also, his knowledge of vintage surfboard restorations, of rare time pieces and repairs on everything fiberglass!

Specialties :
Disabled Surfboard, Shapes and Designs.
Lou Dog has helped hundreds of handicaped surfers get back in the surf.
Military discounts, Police and Firemen discounts.
We honor veterans and we honor every Soldier disabled or not get.

Appraisals :
Find out what your old surfboard is worth, your own boards who holds four classes a year.
Lou dog has over 40 years experience in Restorations duplicate that favorite board shaping, glasses, airbrush classes, glassing classes and learn how to make you back on a board.
Well whether it's on their knees their belly or whatever it may be how Custom Design them aboard that's like no other.

Hand Crafted Surfboards

Lou Dog in His realm

What do all top professional surfers have in common? They all ride custom surfboards made by world class shapers. In fact ALL top athletes have custom equipment made especially for them. The best way to buy a surfboard is to custom order one just like the pros. Catch more waves, and surf like you never have before by riding a custom surfboard shaped especially for YOU.
Whether you’re new to surfing or you’re a lifelong pro, a custom surfboard brings out the best in your surfing ability. We also have a large variety of pre-built surfboards ready to go, contact the shop for current inventory.
Designing your custom surfboard is easy, so don’t worry if you have questions or you’re not sure what you need. Just give us a call or stop by the shop, and Lou will be glad to help design your custom surfboard from scratch.

Tim. Disabled surfer. Who had to ask someone on the beach to carry his board down to the water because he was missing his leg and nobody can make them aboard that would help him and his performance I put all my efforts into it and this is the outcome said it's the best board he's ever owned

Intercontinental ballistic missile aka the ICBM this model is one of our top selling high performance nose Riders what about a 20in nose 23 in wide with a sharp pintail makes this board capable of Surfing 2 foot to 20 foot for fin is most effective

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