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We have a full time staff on hand to answer any questions or help you and give suggestions on the proper equipment. Our Customer Service will take you step by step recommending the things you need to consider to get you into the right product for your style, ability and location.
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Landshark Board


Hand Crafted Surfboards

shaped by Lou Dogg of Oceanside CA

Lou Dog in His relm

Lou Dog in His realm


What do all top professional surfers have in common? They all ride custom surfboards made by world class shapers. In fact ALL top athletes have custom equipment made especially for them. The best way to buy a surfboard is to custom order one just like the pros. Catch more waves, and surf like you never have before by riding a custom surfboard shaped especially for YOU.
Whether you’re new to surfing or you’re a lifelong pro, a custom surfboard brings out the best in your surfing ability. We also have a large variety of pre-built surfboards ready to go, contact the shop for current inventory.
Designing your custom surfboard is easy, so don’t worry if you have questions or you’re not sure what you need. Just give us a call or stop by the shop, and Lou will be glad to help design your custom surfboard from scratch.

Welcome and Aloha

Wave Weapons is one of the rarest of all surf shops due to Lou Dog’s one on one with the surfers.

To locate a surf shop these days where a customer can speak to the actual shaper and expert in surfboard manufaction is very rare to say the least! From handshaped custom paddleboards (SUP) to 3 foot fiberglass boogie or bodyboards.

Lou Dog’s consistancy with 15 different longboard designs, 12 models of funshapes or speedeggs to retro fish and high performance shortboards and tow-in boards. Lou Dog does it all! With over 35,000 custom shapes under his belt, that puts him in a league of his own. Also, his knowledge of vintage surfboard restorations, of rare time pieces and repairs on everything fiberglass!

What’s so remarkable about Lou Dog’s Wave Weapons is his ding repair or broken board repairs! 24 hour turn around time! The Dog can’t understand why surfers have to wait 2 to 3 months to get their ding repaired. Lou has a 7 to 10 day turnaround time for custom made surfboards!

Lou Dog has been in the surfboard production since 1977. He shaped his first 3 boards for a customer in which the late Gary Baldwin air brushed Yosemite Sam on each board. Lou found his calling.

By 1987, the Dog was saved. He gave his life to the Lord and uses his surf shop to minister to all surfers. Whether they are three-star generals, police and firemen to Seal Team 6 surfers or just the young 8 year old that has nothing. Lou Dog can always find a used board to bless that young surfer with!

Lou is a father to 8 beautiful kids to another 8 beautiful he helped raise. To be a single father to all those kids and run a shop like Wave Weapon International can only mean he has the inside scoop for life! Trust in God

“My goal is to work with surfers who are serious about getting the board that will take them to the next level. I offer highest quality design and craftsmanship, my personal attention, innovative technology, integrity, a fair price and quick turnaround.”

For all shapers it starts with blank foam and stringers – much like a blank canvas to an artist. But it’s what the shaper does with those materials that makes all the difference. In the hands of a Master Shaper & Craftsman like with decades of experience behind him and the countless number of surfed waves that have passed beneath him, the finished product is sure to please even the most intense wave rider.

Remember – the best surfers in the world are the ones having the most fun! So it’s your board…talk to the shaper.

Wave Weapons Family

Custom Board and Mural Designs

Need a conversation piece?  In store advertising. Signs for home or shop. Wall art, shelves, signs, hang loose peg racks, and surboard tables make a great addition or start toward dressing up your surf, beach, tiki, or island themed decor… We do full length custom orders for those individuals who want a piece of California on their wall, office, or hanging from a fishing net… These special orders are for decorative design and purpose and really catch your eye.  Over thirty percent of our decorations are for five star establishments. We can do request murals any size for any room and so beautiful that your piece will be the talk of the town, even though it may never touch the ocean water.